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Bosman Van Zaal develops and produces operating software for logistic, climate and energy installations. Good communications, low cost, easy to use and quality are at the top of our list.

You must be able to rely on the guidance system of all technical installations in your company. Mechanical systems not only have to ‘do what they have to do’, they also have to provide information for operational management. With them you can anticipate developments in cultivation, processing, purchasing, sales and the market, flexibly and efficiently.

Bosman Van Zaal produces systems according to a modular concept. This drastically reduces development-and-installation time, compared to conventional systems. The modules have their own feeder and communication cables, so that the cable ducts remain neat and orderly, making future expansions easy to realise.

With Indigo Logistics we developed a software package for guidance and visualisation of mechanical systems: ISAL. ISAL offers a complete overview of your greenhouse, crop relocations and irrigation duties. You can log all events in the system. The standard controls for the internal transport system enable you to operate the installation, display alarms and issue commands. 

Mprise Indigo developed an ERP software package to support all processes within your operation This ERP software is based on Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV. Companies that subscribe to the Horti Data Communication Convenant guarantee that installations are mutually linked via standard techniques. Bosman Van Zaal works with all well-known suppliers to ensure that the systems communicate perfectly with each other.

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