Cultivation systems


Cultivation is the core of your operation. Bosman Van Zaal develops and produces cultivation systems for the growers of today and tomorrow, including substrate cultivation, hydroponics, tables and containers, multi-layer cultivation and internal transport systems. Each product can be used individually or installed as part of a connected system layout.

Logistics are extremely important for increasing production, cost savings, improvement of working conditions and the quality perception of your crops. Logistics also depend on an operating system, which comprises three components: electricity, hardware and software. The operating system provides fast and clear insight in the total nursery cultivation process. It enables you to anticipate cultivation, processing, purchasing, sales and market developments, flexibly and efficiently.

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our Cultivation systems products

  • Substrate cultivation systems
  • Hydroponics cultivation systems
  • Tables & container systems
  • Multi-layer growing systems
  • Transport & logistic systems
  • Custom-made solutions

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