Greenhouses & constructions


Of course you want to grow your crops under ideal circumstances. Among other things, that requires good climate control, correct lightfall and solid construction. Bosman Van Zaal develops and produces greenhouses for growers and garden centres.

But different crops have different needs – including location, climate conditions and for you as a grower. The greenhouse you choose for growing has to fit the circumstances and meet your other requirements. You will find our Venlo, wide-span and foil greenhouses, along with other structures (such as climate cells and industrial buildings) around the world.

There’s more: Bosman Van Zaal necessities for water, cultivation, climate, electricity and operating systems. We use the best materials and the latest technology to building our installations and greenhouses. The aim is renewable cultivation with the best operating results.

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our Greenhouses & constructions products

  • Venlo type
  • Wide span type
  • Multi-span type
  • Garden centres
  • Ventilation systems
  • Screen systems
  • Custom-made solutions