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Ideal climate conditions ensure the best results. Bosman Van Zaal develops and produces various systems for cooling, heating and humidity control in your greenhouse. Cost control, quality and sustainability are our central focus.

You want your climate system to match perfectly with your cultivation and production locations and at the same time, you want good working conditions, optimum integration (with your IT systems and other structures) AND save money (on such things as energy consumption). 

BVZ has a wide assortment of systems and components – from boilers, heat pumps, geothermal and solar panels to airconditioning, CO2 installations and underground storage. Bosman Van Zaal will install your systems seamlessly and, when necessary, consult with outside parties. Moreover, Bosman Van Zaal can process applications for the necessary subsidies for your climate system.

Bosman Van Zaal is working on the future. We were involved, for example, in the design and production of the first greenhouse completely without the use of any fossil fuel for heating, the highly praised
Kas Zonder Gas. Besides this, we are also working on demonstration projects of energy-efficient growing concepts in Africa, under the auspices of Green Farming.

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our Heating & cooling systems products

  • Boilers, heat pumps & geothermal
  • Solar heat collectors
  • Chillers
  • Air handling
  • Buffer tanks
  • CO2 dosing systems
  • Custom-made solutions

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