Your vision

Our solution

The world is increasingly demanding smart and sustainable solutions for plant production systems. Bosman Van Zaal has the knowledge and experience to continuously anticipate this, with progressive entrepreneurs, pharmacists, governments and universities.

Bosman Van Zaal specialises in the development, production and installation of well thought-out horticultural projects. The family business has an extensive team of engineers and horticultural experts. The enormous technical diversity forms the basis for the high-quality technology used in the development of laboratories or test greenhouses for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

This technology is also ideally suited for the realisation of high-quality production greenhouses. Together with pioneering entrepreneurs from the horticultural sector, the pharmaceutical industry and science, we are building the future of crop production. Your vision, our solution. Anywhere in the world.


1. Define

We start by listening. What are your wishes and requirements? We brainstorm together about the possible realisation, resulting in an efficient and realistic approach.

2. Engineer

Our own team of engineers gets to work with the defined starting points to find inventive and smart solutions, which result in an optimal, horticultural project.

3. Realise

We realise the design in-house with our production team and automated machinery. We ship worldwide, and build quickly and professionally ourselves or with regular partners.

4. Service

We don’t stop after building. With our last step, we offer you 24/7 service. We provide training, we monitor remotely, and we repair or upgrade on-site or digitally when necessary.

Product groups

At Bosman Van Zaal, we combine our expertise under product groups that together represent our broad knowledge and expertise. Products that are continuously further developed by our extensive team of engineers.

Product groups


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