Bosman Van Zaal has been in existence since 1921. The knowledge and experience acquired over all these years form the basis of our current organisation, which is a leader in the international horticultural world, the pharmaceutical industry and the science sector.


Smart and sustainable solutions

We want to contribute to smarter and more sustainable plant production systems, because future generations require solutions. Solutions that we can offer. To this end, we employ more than 60 engineers who continuously anticipate the latest developments in horticultural technology and make use of integrated data techniques. We create the solutions and systems needed to make our clients successful.

The preconditions for our work are clear: effective, sustainable and socially responsible. Wherever in the world. We like to find the right solutions together with driven entrepreneurs, who encourage us to develop further.


Over 230 colleagues

The team of Bosman Van Zaal consists of more than 230 colleagues with various disciplines and areas of expertise. From expert mechanical engineers to secure software engineers. And from experienced welders to driven service technicians. All under one roof.

We have grown enormously in recent years, but have managed to retain the approachability and open atmosphere of a small family business. A pleasant and responsible working environment for our employees is important to us, both in the office and in our own factory. We encourage a healthy balance between work and private life. To get to know your colleagues outside work too, various activities are organised, such as an evening of bowling and a barbecue in the summer.


Our history begins in 1921 with the founding of Bosman Kassenbouw in Aalsmeer, where robust greenhouse constructions of wood, steel and aluminium are developed. In 1968, Frans van Zaal starts a heating installation company in a shed one village away. A close partnership developed.

Its success leads to us being able to supply roller tables to a major player in the United States. This provides an opening for global expansion.

In 1988, a local water and electrical engineering installation company is acquired and in 2008 and 2014, Crea-Tech International and Montera Techniek join the group of companies.

In 2014, the entities Bosman and Van Zaal come together under one owner and the name Bosman Van Zaal is launched. Bosman Van Zaal is still a family business.


Social responsibility

Bosman Van Zaal strives for quality, health, safety and sustainability for its customers, employees and the environment.

Our approach in design, engineering, production and installation is optimised to guarantee the highest quality of our products and projects and to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees during the use, production and installation of our products and projects. This approach is implemented according to documented work processes and procedures that are continuously monitored on the production floor and at the construction sites. Compliance with these procedures and processes is checked annually during internal audits and by external and independent certification bodies.

We share our customers' sustainability ambitions and CSR is also central to our organisation. We have taken various steps over the years. For example, our head office runs completely on PV panels and the heat and cold demand is met by underground heat/cold storage and heat pumps.

Bosman Van Zaal is certified for the following standards and guidelines: ISO 9001, HortiQ (BRL 8000), NEN-EN 1090-1 (EXC 3), VCA.

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