Algae Production

Sustainable algae production systems


We develop algae cultivation systems for the sustainable production of algae for chemistry, food and pharmaceutical ingredients. The high-quality knowledge of our multidisciplinary team is thus also deployed at the edges of horticulture. The controlled and closed systems form the basis for a safe and quality-driven production of high-quality ingredients with an optimal footprint.




foot print





The result is a scalable, self-cleaning algae cultivation system that has been tested and equipped with dozens of sensors and meters, which work together to provide automated control of the stable production process.

Algae system

The system consists of several parts. It starts with the pre-treatment. This consists of a clean water storage, nutrient storage and mixer and CO2 cylinders or tank. The PBR (photo bio reactor) consists of pumps, blower skid, reactor tubes and a control cabinet.

The harvest line with thickener can consist of a UF filter or sieve and a centrifuge. For the climate system, we install grow lights, screen control, misting and cooling/heating. Finally, you can opt for data acquisition. In that case, we install the specialist PEAK platform developed by ourselves.

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