Autonomous Growing

Smartly integrated for full control


In order to cultivate flexibly, quickly and precisely, autonomous cultivation in the form of robotics, logistics, data & business intelligence offers a solution. Thanks to our many years of global experience with logistic cultivation systems and the software and robotics that we develop in-house, we have created components that together form one efficient, customised automated system.




energy and labour costs





All our cultivation systems are made to measure. Labour costs and conditions, space utilisation, tracking & tracing options, type of crop and crop requirements are important starting points in the design. We integrate everything into one seamlessly working system, controlled by our own software. Software that is continuously updated so that the systems are always controlled according to the very latest technological developments and insights.

Container Transport System

The Container Transport System is an interplay of different components for moving, picking up, screening, washing or moving containers and delivering products for sorting, packing and transport.

Our systems are widely used in phenotyping activities by crop science companies and agricultural universities, among others.

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