At Bosman Van Zaal we realise phenotyping and breeding projects for vegetables, maize and soya seed companies, and research facilities for universities, such as Wageningen and Purdue University.


Our facilities and technical installations are used for research into better and sustainable cultivation methods and crops. Customers are universities, multinationals and governments worldwide. View an overview of some of our projects for the research sector here.

WUR: Serre Red

Research: Plant diseases
Location: Nethrelands
Products: Turnkey

CH Biotech

Research: Agrochemicals
Location: Taiwan
Products: Turnkey


Research: Food production
Location: Ethiopia
Products: Construction

Bani Yas

Research: Climate change
Location: UAE
Products: Turnkey


Research: Eco-phenotyping
Location: Netherlands
Products: Turnkey

Purdue University

Research: Phenotyping
Location: America
Products: Logistics

NWO 'Sky High'

Research: Vertical Farming
Location: Netherlands
Products: Logistics

Botanical Garden Meise

Research: Botanical garden
Location: Belgium
Products: Logistics


Research: Crop protection
Location: Germany
Products: Turnkey


Research: Breeding
Location: Chile
Products: Turnkey

Hogeschool Arnhem

Research: Sustainable energy
Location: Netherlands
Products: Climate

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