Bosman Van Zaal and the ease of overview

May 25, 2021

In February, the eighth edition of the Vaktentoonstelling Zwaagdijk took place, which was virtually organized this year. Erik Vermeijden, Technical Sales Consultant, participated and Vaktentoonstelling Zwaagdijk magazine interviewed him about Bosman Van Zaal and the ease of overview.

''Also within the tulip sector, forcers increasingly want to set up a turnkey project, and we can do that", says Erik Vermeijden. Greenhouse construction, heating, air conditioning, automated transport system, et cetera. We do this in-house under one roof and sometimes in cooperation with partner companies under our direction. The big advantage of this approach for our clients is that they have a single point of contact for a new project. That is the strength of our company, which has grown out of our foreign projects. In the Netherlands, the grower often commissions a sub-project. In other countries, it is often an investor. As a rule, they ask for a total picture. And that is what we now offer in the Netherlands. This gives the customer peace of mind, because the customer knows that the work in progress is in the hands of a reliable supplier''.

''Of course, within a sector you have more orders one year than another, but we are doing well in this business, also in 2020. In the Netherlands, but also abroad, like in the US and Finland. Tulip growers are often mavericksmale experts, by the way. They build a greenhouse with a lot of technology in it, which they only use for 22 weeks a year. That means you have to use it as efficiently as possible. Few tulip companies use their glasshouses for summer products. That is extremely difficult. If you give your attention to a second greenhouse crop during the outside harvest period, you are likely to pay too little attention to both. In horticulture, the strength lies in the numbers. Our automation and technology can help. Incidentally, forcing companies of niche varieties are also using more and more automation and technology applications in their processes''.

''Investing in technology is capital intensive. As an entrepreneur, you want to use such an investment as well and as long as possible, but you also don't want an outdated system. The systems designed and components used by Bosman Van Zaal make that possible. Provided, of course, that you maintain the systems properly. If such a system is mechanically well maintained and its logistical principles still suit your company, then it is often sufficient to renew the underlying electronics. After all, they are the first to age. Just like renovating an older house so it will last for years to come. In recent years, we have carried out such projects for various tulip growers‘’.

More information or interested in working with us? Get in touch with our technical sales consultant Erik Vermeijden via +31 297 344 344 or

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