Bosman Van Zaal delivers Venlo greenhouse to Schouten Opti-Fleurs

June 28, 2021

Bosman Van Zaal The Netherlands recently completed the new Venlo greenhouse and production hall for Gerbera grower Schouten Opti-Fleurs at Meerlandenweg in Amstelveen, specially designed and built for the cultivation of gerberas.

Venlo greenhouse, production hall and technical space

The Venlo greenhouse for Schouten Opti-Fleurs has a surface area of 29,645 m² and consists of four sections of 7,296 m² each, fitted with a double screen system. The four sections in the greenhouse were fitted with pipe rail heating and a CO₂ installation by Bosman Van Zaal. The heating of the new project is connected to the existing greenhouse complex. An industrial hall with a technical area, fitted with a wide roof, was built adjacent to the new Venlo greenhouse. The production hall is heated via an AHU and, if necessary, cooled.

Cooperation with third parties

In the greenhouse, an Airmix system has been installed from Van der Ende to ventilate with a closed screen. In the new Venlo greenhouse, the latest climate computer IIVO of Hoogendoorn has been installed. IIVO constantly and consistently monitors all aspects of the greenhouse, including climate, water management, energy management and collects data to create a complete overview of the greenhouse conditions. The computer was installed by Kandelaar Elektrotechniek from De Kwakel. In the field of water technology, Stolze cooperated.

Gerbera specialist

Schouten Opti-Fleurs is a leading gerbera grower, growing large-flowered gerberas. "Thanks to our strong position near the auction in Aalsmeer, we are able to supply customers directly with gerberas in all sizes and packaging. In addition, the expansion also brings benefits of scale", says Bart Schouten, co-owner of Schouten Opti-Fleurs.

Perfect coordination

"The collaboration with Bosman Van Zaal went well," says Bart Schouten. "We wanted to set up our new business with existing partners from the outset. Bosman Van Zaal is one of them. In the preliminary stages, it is particularly important that everything is worked out properly because the steel production in their factory is controlled digitally. Bosman Van Zaal was responsible for the design and construction of the greenhouse and the hall, the execution of the concrete work, and the installation of the heating. In the execution, everything was perfectly coordinated. That gave us peace of mind. Managing the subcontractors is very important. In the end, together with the other parties, we achieved an excellent result."

Greenhouse builder from 1921

The greenhouses of Bosman Van Zaal, one of the oldest greenhouse builders in the Netherlands, are based on the latest developments and insights. Especially in the sustainable and efficient cultivation of foodstuffs and floriculture products. If required, the greenhouses can also be equipped with logistic cultivation systems and other greenhouse installations. For more information, please contact our Sales Department via, or call +31 297 344 344.

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