Bosman Van Zaal opens branch in Germany

May 20, 2021

Bosman Van Zaal of Aalsmeer, The Netherlands, recently opened a new branch in Geldern (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany. Thomas Bauer, who last year joined the company as senior technical sales consultant for all German-speaking countries, has also become branch manager of this new branch.


The new branch fits in with the strategy of Bosman Van Zaal, which aims to match high-quality horticultural know-how with the needs of local markets and sectors, enabling greenhouses and installations for vegetables, basic materials, and ornamental horticulture to be fully customised and more efficient. With Thomas Bauer as contact person at this new branch, growers in Germany now have a practical point of access to the broad horticultural knowledge of Bosman Van Zaal, which is fully tailored to local needs.


Vestiging Duitsland


The address of the new branch office in Germany is Liebigstrasse 6A, 47608 Geldern and the telephone number is +49 2831 974 6911.


Vestiging Duitsland



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