Bosman Van Zaal starts greenhouse construction at HilverdaFlorist

May 7, 2021

Our factory recently produced the complete Venlo greenhouse construction for HilverdaFlorist. This week, site manager Pierre du Pau started building the greenhouses for the project at the main location on the Dwarsweg in De Kwakel. The total project consists of 2.2 hectares of greenhouses and 7000 m2 industrial buildings. The greenhouse complex is expected to be put into operation in early 2022.


Greenhouse construction for young plants

HilverdaFlorist has chosen the Venlotype greenhouse and a cabrio greenhouse for the better hardening off of young plants. The greenhouses are fully equipped according to the New Growing concept. More over, the greenhouse construction has a roof of high diffusion glass. The Venlo greenhouse has an integrated insect gauze system. Ultimately the total greenhouse complex will accommodate HilverdaFlorist's entire young plant production needs in the Netherlands.


Ambitions HilverdaFlorist

The construction of the new greenhouses is fully in line with the ambitions of the organisation. HilverdaFlorist has the ambition to be the leading breeding and propagation company, with the most innovative products in the selected crop groups. With the realisation of this new building, HilverdaFlorist wants to give a new impulse to the reliability and quality of high quality basic material for the floriculture sector. By building the new greenhouses, the location can be arranged more efficiently. There will be more space for the production of young plants, but also for the research and development of new products. All this is being done to continue to serve customers with high-quality plant material and innovative products.


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