Coffee date with Wendy: Passion for technology

February 23, 2021

"Programming the robot arm is done with a special program and is often quite a challenge, but when the robot does what it is supposed to do, it really gives a kick!"

We had a #CoffeeDate with Wendy Noordam about her passion for technology and her switch from Production Employee on the workfloor to Production Employee at the office.

Wendy bij de robotarm

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Wendy Noordam, I am 24 years old, and I work as a Production Employee. At the moment, I live with my parents in Aalsmeer, but I am looking for my own house in Aalsmeer. After my study Research Instrument Maker, I ended up at Bosman Van Zaal, where I have been working with pleasure for over three years now. My main tasks are programming the robot arm and tube laser, which can be found in the factory.

What makes your job so special?
Working with metal and the techniques I can apply with, for example, the robot arm makes my job special. Programming the robot arm is done with a special programme and is often quite a challenge, but when the robot does what it is supposed to do, it really gives a kick!

Wendy bij de robotarm

How did you end up in our sector?
Technology appeals to me because I like logical thinking. Because of my autism, I like it when there is direct communication, which there certainly is in this sector. The horticultural sector only got my interest later. I think it's great that horticulture and technology will eventually reinforce each other because more and more things are automated, and I can contribute to that!

What would you take up or change?
I used to work in the factory with the machine tools, but this year I made a switch to my current position: Production Employee in the office. It turned out that my previous job didn't quite suit me, so I am very happy with the switch I was able to make. For now, there is nothing I would like to change, although I would like to be able to program all machines. At the moment I can program almost all machines, except one or two.

What are your plans for this weekend?
Today or tomorrow, I will get the call whether I can buy a house, so my weekend depends a bit on that call. I've also agreed to go and play (online) games with friends. Normally, I go to a cosplay convention once a month, for which I design and make my own clothes. A lot of those clothes are inspired by a character, but I also make my own costumes. Some costumes take me a week to make, but others take me months to complete.

Kostuum Wendy

* Wendy is still searching for a house.


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