Completion Meise Botanical Garden

June 17, 2021

In mid-2020, Bosman Van Zaal began realising a cultivation system, consisting of cultivation tables, for the new greenhouse complex of Botanical Garden Meise, in the Flemish-Brabant municipality of Meise, just outside Brussels. One of the largest botanical gardens in the world. Phase 1 was completed at the beginning of June this year, 2021.

Meise Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden as an institution dates back to 1796, currently housed in Meise and encompassing 92 hectares of grounds, buildings and gardens. The Botanical Garden is a world-renowned research institution with an extensive library and a large herbarium with about four million specimens. Among them is the largest rose herbarium in the world! They also preserve 18,000 different species of living plants, including endangered species, and house an internationally recognised seed bank. Every year, the Botanical Garden welcomes around two hundred thousand visitors.

Extension and renovation of Botanical Garden
In 2016, a start was made on a large-scale expansion and renovation. Various cooperation partners were chosen via a tender. Bosman Van Zaal is one of them. The expansion includes the new greenhouse complex 'De Groene Ark', where plant species will be housed, but where research will also be carried out. The construction of the new greenhouse will take place in two phases and is expected to be completed in 2022/2023.

Cultivation system with cutting tents and nursery tables
In the first phase of the project, Bosman Van Zaal supplied felling tents, work tables and nursery tables. The cutting tables consist of aluminium containers with mesh bottoms and ebb and flow bottoms. The aluminium cutting tents are specially made to create a humid microclimate for sensitive and young plants. Finally, worktables with sinks and mobile potting tables of aluminium and wood have been supplied. Because of the great diversity in departments and applications, a lot of customisation has been done.

The phase was officially completed at the beginning of June, in close cooperation with Frans Zwinkels Projectbegeleiding & Techniek.

For more information, please contact or call +31 297 344 344.


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