Turnkey facilities for the production of vegetable and ornamental horticultural products, developed, designed and built on the basis of the client's wishes and challenges. Bosman Van Zaal realises high-quality turnkey projects for cultivation, research and production, aimed at the food and horticulture sectors, the pharmaceutical industry and Agrotech companies.

At Bosman Van Zaal, we have various in-house core activities, which together represent our broad knowledge and skills. Products, systems and installations that are continuously developed by our multidisciplinary team of engineers, technicians and programmers.


1. Define

We start by listening. What are your wishes and requirements? We brainstorm together about the possible realisation, resulting in an efficient and realistic approach.

2. Engineer

A multidisciplinary team is then assembled internally. Together with the account manager, these technicians get to work with the defined starting points to find inventive, smart and practical solutions.

3. Realise

The final design is realised in-house by our production team using the automated machinery. We deliver worldwide and build ourselves or with permanent partners, quickly and professionally.

4. Service

Even after completion, our team of experts is available to our clients. We offer 24/7 service online or on-site and provide training for employees on all our installations. 

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