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In order to adjust the operation of technical systems perfectly to your wishes and the needs of the crop, we use control systems and software developed by ourselves. We are an authorised installer of various climate and irrigation computers. Our ISAL framework is a custom-made platform. This makes it possible to control the logistical processes, including the PLC, and to record data.

With the data platform that we developed, we make it possible to bring together all the available data in one place and make analyses on that basis. It also enables us to detect and solve malfunctions, obsolescence and points for improvement.

Control systems

Climate Computers

We are an authorized installer of Hoogendoorn, Ridder and SERCOM climate computers. We install process computers for the basic segment, for more advanced requirements and for the most complex climate requirements.

Irrigation Computers

For the more efficient control of your irrigation process, we install various irrigation computers. Like for instance the water treatment systems of Ridder. With these, you can easily set the most ideal watering.

Labour registration

We supply labour registration hardware and software, from recognised suppliers. Such as Ridder Productive, for path registration and labour management. It provides insight into the performance per employee, location and crop. This helps to deploy labour more efficiently, reduce costs, and motivate employees.


With the climate and irrigation computers, we supply and install all the necessary sensors, such as weather stations that measures wind direction, speed, temperature and humidity, among other things. We also install sensors that measure the greenhouse climate, EC and pH values for irrigation, and other relevant parameters.

Complete software


We supply climate and irrigation computer software not only to make measurable results visible, but also to automate the greenhouse. For example, screens, fans and grow lights can be automated from an app or dashboard, linked to the computers and sensors. We supply this software from recognised installers, but also develop our own.

Business Intelligence

We develop our own software for data collection and analysis. This platform creates the best climate for your plants. This platform collects all data from the greenhouse and enables you to have complete control over the growing process. The platform creates a digital twin based on machine learning, and performs predictive maintenance on machines and robotics.


For phenotyping plants, we realise complete facilities for research universities and breeders. It consists of a logistic cultivation system, rooms with hyperspectral cameras and software. Our combination of transport system, cameras and software can be built into existing facilities or facilities built by us.

Process automatisation

For years, we have been developing our own ISAL logistics software for the automation of our container-based growing systems and processing robots. This software also makes it easy for us to detect and resolve faults, obsolescence and points for improvement remotely or on location.

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