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For indoor crop production and processing, we design and manufacture greenhouses and structures in our own factory. Our extensive team of specialised engineers is able to realise the ideal construction for any crop and any production process. Tailored to local conditions, anywhere in the world.

Our greenhouse constructions are ideally suited for the integration of all other installations, such as ventilation, heating, water and cultivation systems. The knowledge we have acquired over the years is also frequently applied to the design and production of other steel structures, such as for vertical farms, halls and processing areas.



The Venlo greenhouse is one of the most popular greenhouse constructions for all crops, anywhere in the world, which we have perfected.


We have made a name for ourselves in international horticulture with this type of greenhouse. The greenhouse is extremely suitable for applications in ornamental horticulture.


Our self-developed foil greenhouses (multispan) can be covered with high-quality F-CLEAN film, with which we have already had 20 years of experience.


A specific construction that rivals our other greenhouses in quality, but with a character all its own.


We design and produce the optimal structure for your production hall, tailored to the circumstances and activities that are to be performed.



Our in-house developed Venlo and arched greenhouses can be covered with foil or high-quality F-CLEAN™, with which we have 20 years of experience.


Depending on your situation, we supply and install glass from recognised partners, with various coatings, light transmissions and thicknesses.


We install ventilation and insect screens from recognised suppliers. This minimises the chance of insects entering your greenhouse.

Deck systems

We supply deck washers, gutters and ridges from trusted suppliers, and also build custom-made deck systems in-house.


Do you want a technical room in a basement under your greenhouse? Do you need loading pits or other specific concrete work? We can also take care of that for you.

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