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We develop logistical systems and practical robot applications for the full automation or manual mechanisation of cultivation and processing processes. Our own team of specialised engineers realises integrated automation on demand. We apply this worldwide in all kinds of sectors.

Our engineers focus on the client's wishes and challenges and tailor their ideas accordingly, for optimum labour productivity, space utilisation, tracking & tracing and cost control. Our subject specialists focus on devising and developing innovations that lead to unique solutions for plant and food processing. Conceived and developed tailor-made for each project.


Roll containers

We produce high-quality aluminium roll containers with unique corner elements that ensure optimum strength and stackability.


The hand truck is a handy tool for exchanging one container at a time over several rail tracks. We also have an automated variant of this.


The teckel (TAC) pushes containers down the lane, brings them towards the lift rack lane, or pulls the first container into the rail pipe lane. The TAC runs in one lane under the racking system so that no extra space is needed and has a high turnover rate.

Control systems

The electrical installation (ISAL) includes the supply and assembly of all components that make the internal transport system work. This is very complex and unique per customer and product.


Our bases are made of plastic or aluminium with watering channels. You can choose between different variants, mesh nets or gutters.


Our transport robot brings containers from the working area to the greenhouse. More containers are placed per row and there is less concrete path, which increases the cultivation area by 2%.

Container lift

The Container Lift (CLI) is supplied with a fixed arrangement, is equipped with screening on all sides and has a push-off and pull-up mechanism. The CLI has two levels. In vertical farming, multiple levels are realised.

Camera sorting units

A sorting unit is supplied for sorting pot plants. This machine consists of camera, PC control unit with switchbox and plant rotation unit. There are sorting options available such as volume, height, colour, number of buds/flowers and number of branches.


We install complete crop supply systems on the containers consisting of gutters, supports, pipes, filters and cranes.

Drive units

We assemble various container railway models to drive them. In our case, it is not the rail pipes that go up and down, but the wheel shafts. This means there are fewer jumps and bumps.


To move empty containers in the work area, we install an overhead stacker. This does not minimise the cultivation and working area.


Our manual or automatic rail pipe and roller conveyor has an open construction and large wheels and flanges. For minimum disturbance and long service life.

Push & Pull

We install push-offs, pull-offs and flails to move the containers. Our drive unit uses a rack and pinion instead of chains, making it low-maintenance and durable.


An overhead stacker places the container in the washer and sprays it clean. To prevent noise nuisance, a wall of sandwich panels was built around the scrubber and a touch screen control panel for communication with the stacker.



For the automated leaf cutting of your tomato or cucumber crop, we exclusively supply the CropTeq leaf cutting robot, developed in cooperation with VDL. You can easily link this robot to our PEAK platform, so you get direct insights, can make analyses, can carry out maintenance and receive predictions.

Pick & Place

Our Pick & Place robots are built with strength and endurance and can prevent damage due to their controlled handling. No challenge is too big. With arms that stretch to twice their length, they are able to tackle jobs that would be beyond the reach of others.

(Un) loading

We develop various loading and unloading machines for different types of carts, adapted to the use of pots, trays or sixpacks. We also realise complete systems, from a forklift-fed conveyor belt, via placing in trays, to the special stainless steel plate of the loader that pushes the products onto the cart. After the cart has been filled, the loader automatically takes the next cart to be loaded.

Tray filling

With our filling machines, trays are automatically unstacked, transported on a conveyor belt and filled with jars using a robotic arm. With the tray filler, you can achieve considerable time and labour savings. You can place a simple buffer belt in front of the de-stacker so that it fills itself automatically when the stacking position is empty.

Box filling

Our Lantech carton erector brings the cartons to a manual filling position or to an automatic drop system, where the plants are gently dropped into the carton. We offer several possibilities to close the box: with tape, hotmelt or with a box sealer which folds the box. From here, the boxes are ready to be placed on a pallet.

(De) stacking

Stacking and destacking crates can be labour-intensive and monotonous work. We created a solution to improve this process; the crate (de)stacker. It stacks crates automatically, but also destacks them. It is the automated solution for monotonous and labour-intensive work and is very quiet with a low failure rate. The system is suitable for updates and expansion. And we make it complete and customised.


A sleeving machine can be easily integrated with your company's existing packaging lines, or we can supply a complete packaging line. Our machines are always adapted to your needs. We have special machines for top-heavy, unstable plants. This sleeving system has the advantage that the plant cannot fall over and different trays can be used, thanks to the possibility of programming the robot.


We realise robot arms at the end of your packaging line, programmed to palletise products reliably. Various options are available, from simply doing the work, to adding strappers and/or internal transport add-ons. Products are stacked tightly, consistently, uniformly and stably for efficient transport.


When the plants have grown enough, they need more space to grow. We have developed the Tray Spacer (patent pending), which consists of an extendable tray and a machine for automated spacing. For spacing plants in stone wool we have developed the Stone Wool Spacer. The system can be expanded as required, for example with a trolley loading unit and a robot arm that places the trays from the trolley onto a logistical cultivation system.


Labelling can be labour-intensive and monotonous work. We create solutions to improve the labelling process. Like the Sleeve Labeler, a solution to improve output and speed up the process. The labeller has several options to meet your specific needs. We can also help you purchase sleeves suitable for automation.

Total handling

From sorting pots of different sizes into trays, to wrapping and labelling plants. And from filling boxes to placing plants on trolleys. All our machines and robots can be integrated into one complete packaging line according to your wishes and needs. We are good at creating new machines or programming robots specifically for that one part of the process that could be more efficient.

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