Dutch Embassy USA visits Bosman Van Zaal in WHC

November 26, 2020

Maureen Sondag recently paid a visit to the World Horti Center (WHC) in Westland. She works as Agricultural Affairs Advisor at the Dutch Embassy in Washington DC. During this visit, the booth of Bosman Van Zaal was visited, where Ronaldt Thoen, Sales & Marketing Manager, explained the field of work and the products of the Aalsmeer horticulture specialist.

Ms. Sondag was particularly interested in the contribution of Bosman Van Zaal to the development of food production in North America. Thoen explained that they operate worldwide and are active in the US market. With an emphasis not only on the development and construction of large-scale food production sites but also in being closely involved in the technical facilitation of propagation material, carried out by seed and pharmaceutical companies, and universities. “We also apply this specific technical knowledge to the development of large-scale production companies. This results in efficient and profitable projects”, says Thoen.

Nederlandse ambassade USA bezoekt Bosman Van Zaal in WHCf.l.t.r.: Maureen Sondag, Rozemarijn Thoen, Ronaldt Thoen

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