Sustainable irrigation


Nutritious and sustainable irrigation

Certain water sources naturally have a high bicarbonate concentration. This strongly influences the pH value. As a result of this available water, problems can arise in some areas. That is why we have developed the Cycloon in collaboration with TU Delft, which makes it possible to achieve excellent results, even with less suitable water.


fertiliser usage


root environment


controlled pH value


pH and/or EC correction required


Cycloon H2olland Water

The Cycloon uses advanced technology, whereby centrifugal forces extract CO2 from water. This results in a stable pH value, so fertilisers are better absorbed by the crop and its consumption is reduced. Moreover, there is hardly any need for acidification or leaching.

Our system also has the advantage that drippers are not clogged by bicarbonate. The Cycloon is equipped with a frequency-controlled filling pump and a mixing bowl. Various versions and capacities are available. The Cycloon is also energy efficient, reacts quickly and the design is compact.

With the Cycloon, we have found a solution to fertilise nutritious, durable and economical, regardless of the quality of the available water.




Our expertise tools

At Bosman Van Zaal we combine our expertise under six tools that together represent our broad knowledge and expertise.

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