Greenhouses & Constructions

Bosman Van Zaal has had experience in building greenhouses since 1921. We have been producing greenhouses and other steel structures in our own factory for many years. And we have an extensive team of specialised engineers at our disposal, who are able to realise the ideal structure for any crop. Geared to local conditions, anywhere in the world. Our greenhouse structures are often fitted with ventilation systems and screen installations as standard and are suitable for the integration of all other greenhouse systems, such as heating, climate, and cultivation systems.

Greenhouse structures

Venlo greenhouses
The Venlo greenhouse is one of the most popular greenhouse constructions for all crops, anywhere in the world, which we have perfected.

Bosman Van Zaal has managed to make a name for itself in the international horticultural sector with this type of greenhouse. The greenhouse is extremely suitable for specific applications in ornamental horticulture.

Foil greenhouses (Multispan)
Our foil greenhouses have been developed by our own technical team, which has accumulated a great deal of experience over the years.

Cabrio greenhouses
A specific construction that rivals our other greenhouses in quality, but with a character all of its own.

Industrial structures

Vertical Farms
Growing crops in vertically stacked layers requires a construction that not only takes external factors such as climate into account, but also the requirements from within. The engineers at Bosman Van Zaal have years of experience with this.

Processing areas
Sometimes, a greenhouse construction is used, but in most cases, an industrial hall requires an entirely separate construction, geared to the local conditions and the operations to be carried out in that space. Based on our knowledge and experience, we design and produce the optimum construction.

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