New product Grow & Roll turns out to be a success

March 16, 2018

Introduction of mobile climate cell Grow & Roll
In April 2018, we launched our mobile climate cell "Grow & Roll". This product offers the possibility to simulate every climate (RH, temperature, CO<sub>2</sub>, light and irrigation) based on a unique way of air conditioning and input.

The first version of the Grow & Roll is applied to the production of aquarium and pond plants for garden centres, among others, at J.W. Van Senten in Aalsmeer. Van Senten is taking the test because they are interested in growing qualitatively and quickly in a smaller space, where their crops need a specific climate.

Work efficiently and quickly
For Van Senten we have installed a container with six Grow & Roll modules with six layers of plants. Each module is stored in a docking station, two of which are equipped with dimmable LED lamps and four with LED tubes. The light is white growth light with a few percent UV. This allows the plants to be grown from lab to sale with the right look and feel. Through a continuous supply of air, water and heat, an ideal, constant temperature (25 °C) and humidity (90%) are achieved.

To process the plants, the module can be rolled out of the container. In this case, the lights automatically switch off and the water supply stops. UV lamps in the water circuit and the air circulation ensure continuous disinfection. When the lamp holders are also disconnected, the container can easily be cleaned.

Digitisation of the growth process thanks to insights
Hoogendoorn's iSii compact climate computer measures, records and controls temperature, moisture, light and irrigation. The analyses can be accessed quickly and easily via the internet.

Up to now, the container with Grow & Roll system has proved to be a success.  There is constant quality, efficient and fast work and increased production, with the cultivation period being reduced from six to two weeks. And all this on a smaller footprint.

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