Horticultural specialist Bauer joins Bosman Van Zaal

November 5, 2020

Thomas Bauer from Germany, with a rich horticultural history in the Netherlands, joined Bosman Van Zaal as senior technical sales consultant, where he will use his knowledge and experience to support the international sales team of the Dutch specialist in horticultural projects. Because of his background, his focus is mainly on the German, Austrian, Swiss and Asian horticultural sector.

In the past, Bauer has been able to specialise in specific cultivation systems for international horticulture, in which integration with various greenhouse structures and installations has played a major role. From this discipline, he has developed over the last few years into a horticultural specialist, capable of giving shape to total projects for growers in all parts of the world. A sparring partner, who, together with the client, can realise a project based on the very latest techniques, which pays off.

Thomas Bauer is the point of contact for existing contacts in the German-speaking countries and new clients who apply. In consultation with a client, he works out the optimum starting points for a total project, which is further developed by the engineers and internal specialists of Bosman Van Zaal into a clear, practical and optimum plan. Bauer can be reached via or +49 1605615865.

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