Industry 4.0: Meet Robin, RoboRobin

May 7, 2020

Bosman Van Zaal's new factory is full of new machines. It is part of the implementation of Industrie 4.0 at the company in Aalsmeer. In the series #BVZIndustry40, the machines pass by one by one, with the RoboRobin being the first. It is a bending cell with lace bench, which runs sessions completely unmanned, even at night. 

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 stands for a new way of working, based on the integration of digital with technological developments that blur boundaries. In a Smart Factory, for example, robots, cloud-driven work and data integration are present, making it possible to work unmanned 24/7. Or by remotely controlling the entire machine park, for example by means of a tablet. Bosman Van Zaal owns such an Industry 4.0 production facility at its head office in Aalsmeer.

Working unmanned

"We are very proud of the result we have achieved with the implementation of our machinery. Two machines are now successfully running unmanned and we are implementing two more," says Arjan Kok, CTO at Bosman Van Zaal. The press brake, RoboRobin, is fully operational and can also run sessions at night. It is used for the bending of sheet metal into parts of greenhouses and logistic cultivation systems, such as containers.

Monitoring from home

William van Dulken, Process Development Engineer, is intensively involved in the implementation of Industry 4.0 within Bosman Van Zaal. "In this time of working from home, we notice how essential it is to have modern applications in your factory. Even now that I'm at home, I can monitor what the machines are doing in the factory and help operators control the machines correctly. Fortunately, the work can continue this way!"

Nice to know, the RoboRobin from Bosman Van Zaal is so named in honour of colleague Robin, who has been working at Bosman Van Zaal in the metalworking department for many years.

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