It is raining work anniversaries at Bosman Van Zaal

August 2, 2019

Wow, this year we got to congratulate so many colleagues with a 12.5-year anniversary. That makes us very proud! Last year we even celebrated a 40th work anniversary twice and one of 50 (!) years. On the occasion of the jubilarians who have been with us for 12.5 years, we give one big, annual party.

With a staff list of 230+ people and a company that has roots in the year 1921, anniversaries are perhaps not very surprising. But when a colleague has been working for one company for more than 12.5 years, it remains special. For some of our jubilarians, Bosman Van Zaal is even their first employer. Or some of them have grown into a permanent employee as an intern or work experience student. And all this time these colleagues have gained more knowledge and experience, they have helped in many different projects and they have become a familiar face within the organisation and with our customers.

In the spotlights

And that is why we like to put these colleagues in the spotlight, and we do not just let an anniversary pass us by. Thus, we named our welding street the Juup Bosman Street, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our (retired) welder Juup. And so we regularly have Drink & Bites for 25th and 40th work anniversaries. This year we handed out bouquets and congratulations to many jubilarians who have been in service for 12.5 years. We are proud to have colleagues who have been working for the company for so long! That is why we give one big jubilarian party a year for these jubilarians.

Congratulations Erwin, Remco, Walter, Bastiaan, Roy, Rob and Davy with your anniversary. And now off to that big party in October!

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