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When you work at Bosman Van Zaal, you will help to realise smart and sustainable solutions. We develop complete facilities and systems for food, ornamental plants and crops for the cosmetical and pharmaceutical industries. All over the world. We go the extra mile for the vision of our customers and together we make the world of horticulture a little bit better.

What is unique is the large number of disciplines that we bring together under one roof, our combined experience of over a century and our presence in more than 40 countries. This means that there is always a function in which you can make the most out of your talent! And at the same time, you will build up a CV and/or portfolio like no other.

If you come to work for us, you will work for a company with more than 230 colleagues in a state-of-the-art building in Green Park Aalsmeer, where responsible and pleasant work is paramount. We have even reached the top 20 of the Most Attractive Employers in Horticulture 2018! We use the latest machines to achieve the most efficient production process possible. Our terms of employment are good. For example, we regularly have drinks or outings and we offer enough days off to maintain a good balance between work and private life. It is also possible to follow training and courses and we offer various secondary conditions.



> 230


> 40




Follow a training?

Bosman Van Zaal isĀ an officially recognised training company approved by S-BB. If you are interested in following a BBL or BOL course, please send your motivational letter to

  • Administratie & Logistiek
  • Metaalbewerking
  • Elektro- en installatietechniek


Developing talent

Through Technet Amstel & Venen and their Techniek Driedaagse, we introduce primary school pupils to technology and the insight that there is much more challenge in horticulture than you might initially think. Via TechnoSpitsen and TechnoScouts we do the same for students of (mainly) technical study programmes.

In addition, Technasium students (Havo and VWO) are invited to come up with creative solutions for problems we encounter. This also gives them a different view of our company and we in turn are inspired by this young generation.

Interested in a guest lecture?

We like to invest in young, technically trained staff. That is why we give guest lectures. Interested? Contact us at

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