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Relocation New Office
6 - 10 Dec 2018

From December 6 until 10 we will move from our offices and production facilities at Mr. Jac. Takkade 3, Aalsmeer and Bedrijvenweg 24, De Kwakel to Braziliëlaan 4 in GreenPark Aalsmeer. Here we will combine all our expertise under one roof in our newly built state-of-the-art headoffice with manufactory. This will limit our accessibility, but we strive to move as swift as possible and have made the necessary arrangements to reduce all obstruction to a minimum.

The Cannabis Expo, Pretoria
13 - 16 Dec 2018

The Cannabis Expo is the largest trade and consumer expo of its kind on the African continent and includes an exhibitor hall, networking and entertainment spaces as well as featuring a speakers stage and workshop that hosts local and international experts from across the industry. Find us there!

Beroepenfeest, Mijdrecht
11 Feb 2019

On February 11th we will be present between 12:00 and 17:00 hours during the Beroepenfeest van Veen and Amstelland On Stage in sports hall De Phoenix, Hoofdweg 85 in Mijdrecht. Here we will inspire VMBO students to work in our sector.

Doe Dag VMBO On Stage, Aalsmeer
5 Mar 2019

After the Veen and Amstelland On Stage Beroepenfeest in Mijdrecht on 11 February, we welcome a group of VMBO students to our company to walk with them through our facility and explain to them what it means to work in our sector, and at Bosman Van Zaal. In this way we hope to help them make their career choice.

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