Naivasha Horticultural Fair with Bosman Kenya

August 16, 2019

Bosman Van Zaal has been participating in the Naivasha Horticultural Fair in Kenya for years. The Naivasha Horticultural Fair is one of the largest horticultural fairs in Africa and takes place annually in September in Naivasha, Kenya. What is the story behind this?

Naivasha Horticultural Fair

The NH Fair was founded by a few friends who, while enjoying a beer, decided that the professional side of the agricultural sector should be put in the spotlight positively. The costs of participation are kept low, so that small farmers and horticulturists from Kenya can exhibit their product and knowledge. In addition, everyone is welcome at the fair. Because of this and the fact that the fair takes place outside, with a large dining area and live music in the middle, the fair has a pleasant character. Many families and schools even go to the fair as a day out!

All proceeds go to NHTrust, the fund of the fair, which supports local charities, mainly aimed at children. For example, the fund supports the Naivasha Children's Shelter and the Rotary Safe House of Rotary Naivasha.

A real like-knows-like fair

As one of the largest trade fairs in Africa, located in the horticultural area of Kenya, we as a participant cannot be absent. During the fair, our General Manager Chris Alphenaar is our (Bos) man #punintended. "But it is Richard McGonnel who is the big man behind this event, he is also the one who manages the charities. He does a good job with children who don't have parents or are exiled, in cooperation with Rotary Naivasha", Chris says. "NH Fair is a real like-knows-like fair. And the growers who come along are from the area. Usually, they come out with the whole family for a day out. That makes it a very pleasant fair. The nice thing about this fair is that the Dutch Embassy is represented and always organises something in the evening hours."

Partners Hoogendoorn and Svensson are also represented in our stand. Philip Immerzeel of Svensson is always present and provides the necessary entertainment in the booth while enjoying our well-known, fresh coffee. Hoogendoorn will also be present at all times. Martin Helmich is always ready to talk to the media. Partly because of this, we are now a welcome guest at the fair. And are having a great time ourselves as well. That is why we regularly participate in events for good causes of partners of the fair, like the Rotary Rainbow Rally. And of course, we make a lot of new contacts and meet new clients.

Chris Alphenaar, General Manager Bosman Kenya: Rotary Rainbow Rally Naivasha        Bosman Kenya Team (l>r): Alice, Joseph (helaas onlangs overleden), Chris, Erenest, Samuel,

Bosman Kenya

Bosman Kenya was founded on 13 November 2009. So we are almost celebrating our 10th anniversary! We are located in the flower region of the country, in Naivasha. To be precise, in Flower Business Park. There we have an office with a small team, as we usually use labour present on the farms. We build sustainable crop production in the country. For example, by realising turnkey greenhouses based on smart water systems and solar collectors. In addition, we have a shop with the necessary spare parts, which our clients gratefully use.

The next HortiFair Naivasha will take place from 20 to 21 September. Keep an eye on our social media!

NH Fair Bosman Kenya through the years

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