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It is important that you can rely on the accurate operation of your systems, with constant quality, ease of use and low costs being paramount. 

That is why we are authorised installers of one of the most widely used automated climate and irrigation computers. With our company Indigo Logistics, we develop management software for the control, visualisation and communication of our logistic cultivation systems.

Control systems


We are recognised installers of Hoogendoorn, Ridder and SERCOM climate and irrigation computers. For example, we install the HortiMax-Go! or the SERCOM SC series process computer for the basic segment. The SERCOM CX500 process computer and the Hoogendoorn iSii for more advanced requirements. And the Ridder MultiMa computer, the SERCOM SCX series or the Hoogendoorn IIVO for the most complex climate requirements.

Labour registration

We supply labour registration hardware and software, from recognised suppliers. Such as Ridder Productive, for path registration and labour management. It provides insight into the performance per employee, location and crop. This helps to deploy labour more efficiently, reduce costs, and motivate employees.


With the climate and irrigation computers, we supply and install all the necessary sensors, such as weather stations that measures wind direction, speed, temperature and humidity, among other things. We also install sensors that measure the greenhouse climate, EC and pH values for irrigation, and other relevant parameters.

Process automatisation

With our company Indigo Logistics, we have been developing software for the automation of our container-based cultivation system and Crea-Tech processing robots. This software also makes it easy for us to track down and resolve faults, obsolescence and points for improvement remotely or on location.

Complete software


We supply climate and irrigation computer software not only to make measurable results visible, but also to automate the greenhouse. For example, screens, fans and grow lights can be automated from an app or dashboard, linked to the computers and sensors. We supply this software from recognised installers, but also develop our own.


For phenotyping plants, we realise complete facilities for research universities and breeders together with well-known partners such as PhenoKey. It consists of a logistic cultivation system, rooms with hyperspectral cameras and software. Our combination of transport system, cameras and software can be built into existing facilities or facilities built by us.

More products




Bosman Van Zaal has been building greenhouses since 1921. We produce in-house venlo greenhouses, foil greenhouses, wide-span greenhouses and company constructions.




From manually mechanised systems to fully automated robot solutions, including mechanical or electrical control and software.




To provide your crops with water and nutrition, we realise reliable and sustainable water systems, such as ebb and flow, hydroponics and misting systems.




To create the ideal growing environment, we ensure the perfect, constant mix of heating, cooling, light, CO2 and humidity, whatever the conditions.




We design electrical systems to drive our plants and install climate computers, grow lights and cogeneration.


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