We design and install electrical installations for horticulture. These installations can consist of connecting all kinds of pumps and motors, supplying complete climate computer systems, grow light installations (LED, SONT or hybrid) but also horizontal and vertical ventilation, sulphur evaporators and many other installations.

Electricity is the basis for the power supply and control of all our systems. That is why electrical systems play a central role in the activities of Bosman Van Zaal. Sustainable and efficient energy management is our top priority. We realise electrical installations from our office in Aalsmeer, but also with our water and electrical engineering company Montera Techniek.

Electrical connections


For the electrical connection of all equipment and installations to be supplied, it always starts with a mains connection. We can assist in this with the design, the execution and the assembly and connection. Of course, we take into account your current requirements and, if possible, future expansions that may be involved. Think about PV panels, scaling up or other adjustments.


We can supply back-up diesel generators to provide a back-up power source in the event of a power failure on the mains. These generators can be completely integrated into the electrical installation, possibly with the help of voltage stabilisers and manually or automatically operated changeover switches (between mains and emergency power supply).


Steel switch panels are supplied and fitted for all electrical connections, climate controls and manual operation of all components in the greenhouse and technical rooms. The components of the climate computer are integrated in the panels for an efficient and reliable installation. Each panel is individually designed, built and tested in our own panel building department before being delivered to the project site.


We supply and install fans for the horizontal and vertical circulation of air in the cultivation areas. Smart applications can also be installed to ensure that the warm air from above the screen cloth is mixed with the air below it. This can result in energy savings of 30 to 50%.


To prevent mildew, we supply and install sulphur evaporators. We can advise you on the number of evaporators per square metre you need for optimum results.

Electrical facilities


We can make a complete design of a climate computer installation. We start from a basic design (P & ID) of the installations and translate this into a complete 3D designed installation. We then work this out in assembly drawings and plans for the supply of the necessary materials. If required, our own supervisors can provide on-site support for installation and commissioning.

Grow light

Grow lights are an important aspect for the optimum growth of your crop. We provide advice by means of lighting plans and work out the installations. This can be conventional SONT installations, but also LED fixtures or a mix of these (hybrid installations). Grow lights for multilayer- or indoor growing are for us not exceptions but regularities. These can be provided with dimmable controls or where the spectrum is adjustable.


For efficient work inside and around your premises, we install various types of lighting, with a view to work efficiency and sustainability. We mainly install LED lighting because of its durability. LED has a high light output per Watt and a long lifespan. We use smart, daylight-dependent switches to save energy.

Full system

All necessary materials for the electrical connection of the motors for ventilation and screening systems, pumps and mixing valves for heating systems, cooling systems like ClimaPora and Pad & Fan, boiler room, and irrigation room are included in our total design and installation of the electrical systems within and around your horticultural company!

More products




Bosman Van Zaal has been building greenhouses since 1921. We produce in-house venlo greenhouses, foil greenhouses, wide-span greenhouses and company constructions.




From manually mechanised systems to fully automated robot solutions, including mechanical or electrical control and software.




To provide your crops with water and nutrition, we realise reliable and sustainable water systems, such as ebb and flow, hydroponics and misting systems.




To create the ideal growing environment, we ensure the perfect, constant mix of heating, cooling, light, CO2 and humidity, whatever the conditions.




We are authorised installers of the most commonly used climate and irrigation computers. We also develop ISAL management software and phenotyping facilities.


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