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To create the ideal environment, we ensure the perfect, constant mix of heating, cooling, light, CO2 and humidity, whatever the conditions.

Climate plays an important role in the production and quality of your crop and the desire to grow it all year round. Therefore, we realise the perfect, constant mix for your situation, regardless of extreme climate conditions. Moreover, our installations are energy-saving. For example, we realised the first Greenhouse without Gas. And for Wageningen University, we connected several greenhouses to a Heat Cold Storage ring with the use of heat pumps. This allows for heating and cooling without the use of natural gas.



With adiabatic cooling, warm air is cooled down by evaporation in cooling pads by 5-10°C. Exhaust fans ensure homogeneous distribution of the cool air in the greenhouse. Axial fans ensure good distribution in deeper greenhouses. In addition, usable CO2 is continuously supplied from outside. This, 'Pad & Fan', is a sustainable method that ensures cool and clean air.

Cold water

Cold water can be generated by a heat pump during heating as a by-product. Or with an air-cooled cooling machine. This cools the water to 6-12°C. The cold water can be used directly in the greenhouse. For the short term it can also be stored in a cold water storage tank. For the long term, it can be stored in a soil storage system.


We supply gas condensers and CO2 installations. To transport the CO2, PVC pipes are supplied and installed underground. For the distribution in the greenhouse, CO2tubes are installed in the longitudinal direction of the roof.


We supply and install fans for the horizontal and vertical circulation of air in the cultivation areas. Smart applications can also be installed to ensure that the warm air from above the screen cloth is mixed with the air below it. This can result in energy savings of 30 to 50%.


We supply shade cloths and complete blackout screens from recognised suppliers, including Svensson. They repel or reduce the power and heat of the sunlight, or have a double-layer insulating effect.


Warm water

A chiller is equipped with a heat recovery unit. The unit can produce hot water up to 55°C. The hot water will be used at night in the air handling unit to increase the temperature after condensation and to lower the RH of the exiting air.


The hot water boilers with burner as the heat source are characterised by high-quality construction and high insulation, making them suitable for continuous operation at maximum output with low maintenance costs. The large furnace enables very low NOX emissions.


We supply hot water storage tanks of various sizes, with insulation and cladding sprayed in standard RAL colour. The design and construction of the tank and roof are according to EN 14015. The water in the tank is between 40 and 90 degrees Celsius.


Our heating manifold has outputs for various heating groups. These include pipe rail heating, monorail heating, wall heating, snowmelt heating, under-table heating, heating and cooling in the packaging area, and irrigation water heat exchanger + heating.


To warm up the combustion air before it enters the burner fan, the necessary air handling units and materials for a mixing group are supplied to the distribution unit in the boiler house.

(Semi-) Closed Climate


Our ClimaPora concept is the most complete air treatment system developed in recent years. It is an integrated part of the greenhouse and contains all the features of modern air treatment and control.

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Bosman Van Zaal has been building greenhouses since 1921. We produce in-house venlo greenhouses, foil greenhouses, wide-span greenhouses and company constructions.




From manually mechanised systems to fully automated robot solutions, including mechanical or electrical control and software.




To provide your crops with water and nutrition, we realise reliable and sustainable water systems, such as ebb and flow, hydroponics and misting systems.




We design electrical systems to drive our plants and install climate computers, grow lights and cogeneration.




We are authorised installers of the most commonly used climate and irrigation computers. We also develop ISAL management software and phenotyping facilities.


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