To provide your crops with water and nutrition, we realise reliable and sustainable water systems, such as ebb and flow, hydroponics and misting systems.

We develop our plants according to your requirements and based on the knowledge gained from our and our partner universities. This way, you will be ahead in the use of sustainable irrigation and fertilisation. Moreover, our systems are linked to software that gives you direct insight into the consumption and needs of your crops. In the Netherlands, we often use the expertise of our water specialist company Montera Techniek. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Irrigation units


To fertilise your crop, we install various types of systems, including the Fertimix Unit, fertiliser buckets or the Cyclone dosing system developed with TU Delft.


We install disinfection units like the VitaLite to disinfect your drain water. The installation uses UV radiation to get rid of nematodes, bacteria, mould and viruses.


Reverse osmosis is used to demineralise water. For this installation, we use the latest generation of energy-efficient membranes and our theoretical model. Capacity and quality of the water is guaranteed for 3 years.


Water storage

Among other things, we manufacture and install silos for rainwater storage and supply water basins including cladding, protection and cover system from renowned partners such as Genap.

Mist & Rain

We install systems for sprinkling or misting your crop from above or between crops.

Drip system

Drip irrigation of the substrate ensures that irrigation water arrives directly where it is needed: at the plant. We install fully and semi-automatic drip systems.

Ebb & Flood

With an ebb and flood installation, water is supplied and removed from the concrete floor or container floors at regular intervals. We install the entire installation.

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