Rockwool Spacer and logistics make it happen during the first cultivation phase at Roelands Plant Farms

March 25, 2022

Bosman Van Zaal recently put the finishing touches on unique logistics and Rockwool Spacer. This happened at propagator Roelands Plant Farms, after a successful first phase of cultivation. Through close cooperation, both companies have developed an advanced logistics and process handling system, which leads to less plant loss and damage, guarantees constant and high quality and provides significant labour savings.

Roelands Plant Farms in Canada is a supplier of starting material for peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. It is one of the few nurseries for vegetable propagation material that uses a high-tech cultivation system instead of growing on the ground.

Unique Rockwool Spacer

Recently, propagator Roelands Plant Farms from Canada has been using the new Rockwool (also known as Stone Wool) Spacer, developed in-house by Bosman Van Zaal. This system makes it possible to automatically space young plants wider, creating more space to grow.

Separate control

The Rockwool Spacer controls all supply belts separately, instead of separately controlling the odd and even belts, which means that the system offers many more logistical options. For optimum control, the system is linked to ISAL software developed in-house.

The system maintains a constant speed of movement. As a result, the plant material can be moved at a high speed of up to 18,000 plants per hour, without the plant being hindered by acute stop and start moments.

Flexible and effective

The plant density of the Rockwool Spacer is freely adjustable by individual control of the outfeed belts. Many patterns are possible. The system can also be easily linked to Bosman Van Zaal's Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The new expander is connected to the internet so that any service can be performed quickly and effectively.

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