Solar collectors and foil greenhouse in Guatemala

May 19, 2022

Recently Bosman Van Zaal got the order from Holland Orchids to supply their 4th expansion phase in Guatemala. This expansion of approximately 1 hectare, consists of a widespan film covered greenhouse and an integrated heating system based on thermal solar collectors.

Film covered widespan greenhouse with F-CLEAN™ film

The widespan greenhouse, manufactured in Bosman van Zaal’s own factory, is covered with F-CLEAN™ film. This film type, also known as “ETFE” film, has a very long lifespan up too more than 30 years. It also has a higher light transmission rate compared to glass. F-CLEAN™ has similar or even better characteristics compared to glass but with all the advantages of a flexible film cover. The film covered greenhouses of Bosman Van Zaal feature a unique film tensioning and durable film locking system. This makes them very suitable for the application of F-CLEAN™.

Integrated solar thermal collector heating system

The expansion of the existing heating system and the integration of a new solar collector heating system is also completely engineered and manufactured by Bosman Van Zaal. The solar thermal collectors absorb approximately 60% of the incoming solar radiation. Hot water is transported to a heat storage tank from where it is used to heat the greenhouse at night-time. With a panel surface of 4,250 m² this thermal solar collector field, at this location, can potentially generate approximately 3.2 million kWh of thermal energy per year. For Holland Orchids this means a potential saving of approximately 370,000 litre of diesel per year. The payback period of the solar thermal collector system is 3 to 4 years.

More than 50,000m² of solar thermal collectors worldwide

Holland Orchids is not the first solar heating project that Bosman Van Zaal has realised. Already since 2006 the company supplies thermal solar collector systems around the world. By now, the company has realised more than 10 solar heating projects with a total collector surface of 50,000m².

By combining more than 100 years of horticultural experience in greenhouses, heating systems and cultivation container systems, Bosman Van Zaal has developed a robust and profitable thermal solar collector heating system. For more information about the integrated solar thermal heating systems based on solar collectors and the projects where they have been applied, go to this page!

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