Automated cultivation systems

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To grow flexibly, quickly and precisely, an automated transport system offers a solution. Thanks to our many years of worldwide experience with logistic cultivation systems, we have realised components that together form one efficient, tailor-made, automated system.
Container Transport System

The Container Transport System is an interplay of different components to move, pick up, expand, examine, wash or move containers and to deliver products for sorting, packaging and transport.

Examples of machines integrated into the CTS are the innovative Sandwich Wash, which handles two containers at the same time, and the Container Transport Robot, which is attached to the greenhouse facade to make even better use of the available space. In addition, the installations can consist of the container/top stacker, mobile picking and spacing robots, flail conveyors, container belt lifts, conveyor belts and push-off devices.

Tailor-made growing systems

All our cultivation systems are made to measure. Labour costs and conditions, space utilisation, tracking & tracing options, type of crop and crop requirements are important starting points in the design. We integrate everything into one seamless working system, which is controlled by our own software and software of our sister company Indigo Logistics. Software that is continuously updated so that the systems are always controlled according to the latest technological developments and insights.

Our systems are frequently used in phenotyping activities by crop science companies and agricultural universities.


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