Pharmaceutical growing

When quality is of vital importance



is of vital importance


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For the production of crops destined for medicines, the quality of the basic product, the growing environment and processing are literally of vital importance. For the production of the active ingredients, i.e. the cultivation of the raw materials, Bosman Van Zaal helps to create as perfect a cultivation environment as possible. Hygiene and efficiency are central to the design of complete greenhouse complexes and research facilities, logistical cultivation systems, robotics and advanced tracking and tracing software.

Medicinal cannabis and vaccine production

As an executive project partner of medicinal marijuana and cannabis oil producers and vaccine manufacturers in Canada and North America, among other countries, we know that an ultra-clean growing environment and consistent quality of raw materials is of the utmost importance. In order to keep the plant free of pesticides and fungi, we develop unique, automated cultivation systems based on hydroponics. Moreover, our custom-made, sterile greenhouse complexes and climate chambers do not give plant diseases a chance.

Hygienic growing environment

The unique ebb and flow containers soil we have developed for plants of different sizes have an integrated ventilation system, which ensures good and constant air circulation and an attractive growing environment for the crop and especially not for fungi and diseases.

Automated transport

In order to move and process the plants, the soils are installed in containers on an automatic transport system. With control and registration of the production process by our own developed software, you are in full control of the process. We warmly welcome (future) producers of medicinal raw materials as partners.

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