Semi-closed greenhouse concepts

For cultivation in warm areas



due to lower CO2 emissions




of ideal climate


insect pressure by overpressure


Growing all year round meets the growing demand for food and crops. But not every environment and climate allow this. That is why we have developed an efficient, modular climate system that makes this possible, regardless of the production location.
ClimaPora climate system

We have designed an innovative and sustainable climate system that can be widely used for both vegetable and ornamental cultivation, anywhere in the world. The ClimaPora has been specially developed for semi-closed greenhouse systems to create the most ideal growing conditions throughout the season. This climate system is fully integrated in the greenhouse construction and there are various options and applications to choose from.

The air treatment takes place in a compact climate chamber, which offers the possibility to cool, heat, humidify, dehumidify or a combination of air from outside or inside the greenhouse. In a humid climate, it is also possible to harvest water from the humid air. The ClimaPora can be equipped with both adiabatic and mechanical cooling. And due to overpressure in the greenhouse, ventilation reduces the risk of harmful insects.

Because of the semi-closed character of the greenhouse, the efficiency of the CO2 consumption is increased.


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