Successful internship at Bosman Van Zaal

February 2, 2021

Corinne Helena Ott, a Mechanical Engineering student, completed a five-month internship in the Customer Service department. We spoke to Corinne about her work and the drawings she made of a number of colleagues, among other things.

 How did you experience the internship?
It was a very interesting internship and I carried out a wide range of activities. I often did assembly and maintenance work for the service technicians, learned to weld with Bert and Alfons and welded electrode with Jack. Everyone who has helped me learn new things during this internship; I enjoyed working with you and thank you for the support!


What work did you do?
In the first quarter, I often went along with service technicians to different customers. During the visits, issues were solved, installations were renewed/adapted and maintenance was carried out. Eventually, one of these jobs became part of my "installation and maintenance" exam. For this job, two grooved wheels of a machine had to be replaced. During the second quarter, I mainly worked in the workshop, and I learned how to weld, among other things. I started working on my final exam assignment for next year with Bert. This assignment involves developing a working machine, and everything that goes with it from start to finish. For this assignment, I am developing and making a skateboard press. In addition, once the mould for this press had been assembled, I also learned to make boards using veneer, epoxy, fibreglass and veneer glue. And it works!









What did you learn during your internship?
I learned a lot from this internship, but what stood out most in both exam assignments was the research that precedes your work, and the interim adjustments and smarter ways of making your original model or idea. Also, how important it is to do physical work yourself, to be able to estimate what your material does when it is worked on. Overseeing a project by making/manufacturing the right parts is something I have talked about a lot with different colleagues, allowing me to adjust my design and really get a feel for how parts work in my design.

What was the contact like with your BVZ colleagues?
The past few months, I have had a really nice time at the workshop. Actually, I spontaneously started making a number of portraits of colleagues in my spare time, because I enjoyed doing it and I really had a good time at this internship thanks to these colleagues.



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