What working in high-tech crop production looks like!

June 27, 2019

It's bustling and bubbling in horticulture! As a sector and as a country, we can be proud of the knowledge we possess when it comes to innovations. Challenges such as the food issue are tackled seriously and innovative visions are realised. A greenhouse is no longer just a greenhouse, but a high-tech facility, with smart computer systems, cameras that measure product quality, automatic transport systems and vertical layers. The result is a good end product, that respects people, animals and the environment. Everything to feed the world and make it more beautiful.

But finding suitable technical personnel is increasingly a challenge. This is certainly an issue for greenhouse horticulture. And that is why we like to put our sector in the spotlight. And our colleagues! Because they make our company. By joining forces, we are able to realise the most modern facilities for crop production. In our new recruitment video, we take you in the footsteps of our colleagues, while they carry out their part of this process. Together we are Bosman Van Zaal.

Looking for a job and curious about the vacancies the green-tech sector has to offer? Take a look at our jobs page. Because working at Bosman Van Zaal means broadening your horizon. Bosman Van Zaal has been voted one of the Most Attractive Employers in Horticulture*. Moreover, we have a unique number of specialisms under one roof. And extensive experience in years and graphic presence. There is always a position in which you can make the most of your talent. And at the same time, you build up a huge portfolio for yourself.

Broaden your horizon, together we realise visions.

*SUB40 Hillenraad election 2018

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