Attractive Employer for Young Professionals

6 ноября, 2018

On thursday 1 November the prestigious title of Most Attractive Employer in horticulture was awarded. Instead of the annual Hillenraad100 list of horticultural companies to keep an eye on, this time, for the sixteenth edition companies were given the chance of receiving this title. With an extra focus: for the generation under 40. Bosman Van Zaal was present.

SUB40 Magnets
After fifteen successful editions of the Hillenraad100, the organisation has decided to do things completely differently for the sixteenth edition. Instead of weighing all the profile texts on a gold scale, it was decided to hold a special year in a free form. Not a top 100, but a top 40 with a special theme: The Next Generation in horticulture. This theme was chosen to focus on horticulture as an attractive sector for the new generation of professionals who want to make a difference. And to show which entrepreneurs and businesses will determine the face of 21st century horticulture.

"After extensive research, this year we selected a list of forty companies that are wildly attractive to professionals under forty: the SUB40 magnets. Martien Penning, founder of the Hillenraad ranking, said. The ranking is based on a star system: if you get three stars, you get the highest rating.

Attractive employer for the generation under 40
Drum roll... Bosman Van Zaal received the prestigious title on Thursday 1 November! Two of our youngest employees were present to represent our young professionals during the event. Not only can we call ourselves one of the forty most attractive employers, but we also received two out of the three stars.

We are proud that our efforts to be sustainable, innovative and attractive stand out and we are grateful for winning this title and the two stars.

Does this sound like more to you and are you curious to see if you fit within our company? Check out our current job offers here.

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