Ben van der Heide joins team: Chief Sales Officer

24 июня, 2020

Ben van der Heide recently joined Bosman Van Zaal as Chief Sales Officer. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading our sales organisation and for achieving our growth objectives. He will do this together with Manager Sales & Marketing Ronaldt Thoen,

Ben is a passionate horticulturist, who has gained a lot of experience internationally. He has an eye for new developments, such as vertical farming, climate containers and other innovations. Developments that determine our future. We are very pleased that ben is strengthening our team as Chief Sales Officer, because our organisation is growing slowly but steadily. Projects require more attention because of more complex (cultivation) techniques, and we want to meet our quality strategy for the full 100% at any time. Ben can be reached via b.vanderheide@bosmanvanzaal.com or +31 (0)6 5025 1324.

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