Bosman Van Zaal becomes participant in World Horti Center

9 сентября, 2020

Ben van der Heide and Ronaldt Thoen, both from Bosman Van Zaal, recently signed an agreement with World Horti Center in Westland. From now on they will be an active participant in the well-known knowledge and innovation centre of the international greenhouse horticulture sector.

The producer and builder of horticultural projects develops its projects with the help of smartly automated 3D models and a modern production factory. All knowledge of constructions, climate, E-installations, irrigation, logistics and control have been brought together in one entity. By participating in the centre, broader support for knowledge transfer and development is created, which is then applied in new projects. Bosman Van Zaal will establish itself in the building on 1 October with a presentation room in which the various product groups are presented. Also, there will be a focus on some of the company's specialities, such as indoor farming and other innovative products.

World Horti Center is a leading platform where business, education, research and government innovate, connect, inspire and share knowledge together. The most progressive and leading companies from the horti business are represented there and the complex is a complete reflection of technology, supply, floriculture and food horticulture.

World Horti Center also works closely with the horticulture-related education offered within the centre. More than 1,200 MBO Westland students take their lessons in the building every day. The physical proximity to the business community stimulates students and offers both the opportunity for a great collaboration.

Bosman Van Zaal develops, produces and builds complete horticultural projects at home and abroad. The company is the result of a merger a few years ago of Bosman, a renowned greenhouse builder who will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary, and logistics expert Van Zaal, who has been active internationally since 1968. Bosman Van Zaal's projects are based on the latest developments and the latest insights for the sustainable and efficient cultivation of food, floricultural products and plants for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Bosman Van Zaal tekent overeenkomst World Horti Center

Photo, fltr: Mark Zwinkels from World Horti Center and Ben van der Heide and Ronaldt Thoen, both from Bosman Van Zaal.

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