EN 1090: Milestone for the organisation

2 июля, 2019

Dutch technology is held in high regard abroad. Mainly in the field of crop production. Not surprisingly, because in the horticultural world new systems often come from Dutch soil. We use certificates to demonstrate our high-quality standard. In this way, we jointly guarantee the Dutch top quality in horticultural technology worldwide.

Bosman Van Zaal has several of these certificates and awards. This is how we maintain and constantly improve our quality. In this way, we demonstrate to the outside world that our products are of recognised quality. And we may now add a new certificate to that!

Bosman Van Zaal receives the highest award for welding constructions

Thanks to the efforts of colleagues in our factory, we received the EN 1090 certification up to execution class 3. This certification shows that we are able to realise complex welding constructions. The samples made with our Voortman and Trumpf machines have been judged to be of particularly good quality. That is a milestone for our organisation!

With this very high execution class and an IWT trained welding coordinator, we stand out in the industry. No other greenhouse builder has received this recognition. And we would like to thank our colleague Bert Plomp for that.

Special recognition for colleague Bert Plomp

Bert Plomp is in charge of our aluminium department, in addition to taking care of his two young children. He has completed the IWT training. This is a high-level training, which requires a lot of material knowledge. Bert Plomp is not only very skilled himself. He also knows how to manage, motivate and support his entire department in such a way that they all produce at this level. And this department consists of colleagues with different backgrounds. Hats off!

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