First roses planted in new greenhouse Azerbaijan

10 января, 2019

Who was thinking the Fruit Logistica in Berlin was only a trade show for fruits and vegetables is definitely wrong. It was at this trade show that we met AZ Rose, amongst others, a rose oil producer from Azerbaijan. Now, less than a couple of years later the first roses have been planted in the greenhouse that we build in Gabala, Azerbaijan. The total complex will be 6.3 hectares in size and has an annual production capacity of 190 to 210 stems per m².

Earthquake resistant
In 2017 we started building this turnkey project. The first phase at their Agro Complex is now finished. First, a solid foundation was made. Then the heavy steel construction was build. The first phase consists of an earthquake resistant greenhouse of 29.520 m² and a service area of 3.110 m², which we insulated with sandwich panels.

Technical facts
We have installed an energy saving screen, a gable screen, gutters, a mist system, water storage and silos, a buffer tank, drip irrigation on 10 gutters per 8 meters, pipe-rail heating, a disinfection and re-circulation system and a CO2-installation. The condenser works in two ways, one is cooling CO2 and the other is recovering extra heat from the flue gases. The well water is being purified by reverse osmosis. Cultivation is closely monitored by the iSii Hoogendoorn computer .

Lighting and heating
The crop is illuminated with 149 micromoles / m² / sec. The lighting system generates light and heat, so the temperature of the heating tubes decreases as soon as the lighting switches on. To avoid cold gables and sidewalls we installed separate heating systems with separate control and measurement.

AZ Rose also produces roses outside, but in the greenhouse they will grow some special varieties. Most of the rose oil will be exported to Russia and Georgia. Therefore, the location is perfect, as those are Azerbaijan’s neighbor countries. We predict the production of roses has huge opportunities in Azerbaijan.

Technical Sales Consultant: Rob Alleblas. Original article from Jobke den Hertog © FloralDaily.com

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