Inochio new partner Bosman Van Zaal in Japan

11 сентября, 2020

The sale of Bosman Van Zaal horticultural projects in Japan will be handled by the Japanese company Inochio from now on. The agreement was signed online on Friday 11 September by both boards in Japan and in the Netherlands.

Inochio is one of the leading horticultural supplier in Japan and has been working for years with the international greenhouse builder from the Netherlands. Collaboration has been intensified because the implementation of horticultural projects requires more and more insight and technical knowledge, based on input from local conditions. In this way, Japanese entrepreneurs benefit from optimal growing conditions for their plants.

The past has shown that the two parties work together excellently. Inochio knows how to accurately translate the wishes of the Japanese clients into a clear profile, which serves as the basis for the elaboration by Bosman Van Zaal in the Netherlands. Together with their team of more than 60 engineers, Bosman Van Zaal works out a turnkey project in which greenhouses, cultivation systems, climate systems and water systems form an integrated whole, tailored to local conditions and cultivation requirements. The project is then put together by Bosman Van Zaal and transported and built by Inochio, always in collaboration with the Dutch greenhouse builder.

The greenhouse activities of Inochio in Japan will be handled by Inochio Agri, a company that is part of the Innochio Group. They support agriculture in various areas, including management support, farming systems, greenhouse planning, and many more. With their seven business clusters, each specialised in one field, they aim to revitalize agriculture and the community. For more information, go to www.inochio.co.jp/en/.

Bosman Van Zaal develops, produces and builds turnkey horticultural projects in the Netherlands and abroad. The company was founded a few years ago from a merger of Bosman, a renowned greenhouse builder who will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary, and logistics expert Van Zaal, who has been active internationally since 1968. Bosman Van Zaal's projects are based on the latest developments and the latest insights for the sustainable and efficient production of food, floriculture products and plants for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Inochio partner van Bosman Van Zaal in Japan

Left side Marco Braam, CEO Bosman Van Zaal, on screen Nobuo Ishiguro, managing director Inochio Agri Inc. (upper left corner) and the board of directors, and on the right side Ben van der Heide, Chief Sales Officer Bosman Van Zaal.

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